Pegboard Hex Bit Holder By Ldabkey

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asked Jan 17, 2017 by CatalinaKash (120 points)
I 've been using a wera kompactor bit holder (i dont think it was designed for impact ). it is broken inside and is difficult to swap touches. Everytime you drive a screw you must pull out the sleeve with one hand then hold it with the other put on the screw,then readjust your grasp on the drill adn start driving the screw. Afterward the screw falls to the ground if you knock the screw even a small little, and the complete process starts again. After a couple days of use it crumbles into bits although unfortunately this bit holder isn't intended to be use with any impact drill, the magnet is very powerful. I have not seen a good adaptor for impact driver use, Witte do impact tad that are really good. Trust Quickscrews to provide you with the magnetic drill bit holders that are most dependable in the industry.imageimage

It works great except the bit isnt magnetised there's a sleeve that you simply slide upward behind the screw which is magnitised but that's a pain because it does nt always stay out I am consistently droping screws with the sleeve out. Kurt, it was not only the sleeve that came off, it was the holder broke off should have preserved the bit. These bit holders are ideal for at-home uses including hanging drywall, more, and putting up shelving setups.

Without his review, I don't understand If I 'd have purchased it. For years, I 've been using a bit holder that has a sleeve that slides to hold the bit wera bit holders in position and a small ball bearing. I have had that happen to a bit holder before, it still works good afterward only does not have the screw guide. The screwdriver head has powerful magnetic so that it can self-lock the connecting rod.

If you desire a little to use, where the screws WOn't wobble, and something which holds them securely in place, then get your hands on this one. By fast accepting a number of screwdriving bits bit holders save a ton of time. An excellent solid shaft, with a magnetic/c-clipped bit holder.someplace 1/2 inch behind the bit needle bearings or some other dmall kind of bearing, and then more bearings close to where the shaft is held on by the drill. The 2-piece construction of the holders is the best assemblage for violent programs. According to the amount of these sized fasteners that are separate you encounter, you may need a set or one touch.

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answered Jan 17, 2017 by uclienurebojq
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