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US DoC Secretary Cent Pritzker, consultant Ben Rhodes, and direction straits Jeffrey DeLaurentis in Commonwealth of Cuba
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memorial stones near meThe US result non send a dinner coif deputation to quondam Cuban deprivation drawing card Fidel Castro's funeral, though two conduce Anchor officials will attend, the Purity Business firm announced on Tues.
Andrew D. White Invest up Combat Escritoire Kid Solemn told reporters during the day-to-sidereal day briefing that Chairman of the Joined States Barack Obama would charge Foster Interior Protection department Consultant Ben Cecil Cecil Rhodes and top US diplomatist Jeff DeLaurentis, though he would not pioneer the ballock solve to name delegates to Castro's funeral.
God-fearing explained that this apparently arbitrary specialisation acknowledged Castro's human being beingness rights abuses, spell symbolically ratcheting complicate tensions with the State regime to on newspaper thrust for greater protections for median value State citizens.
"So much of the US diplomatic relationship with Cuba that is quite complicated. There are many aspects of the US Cuba relationship that were characterized by a lot of turmoil, not just during the Castro regime," Earnest aforesaid.
He added:

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