Smart Beginner Body Building Tips

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asked Jan 22, 2017 by PatriciaAllc (300 points)
fitness activityDumbbells are free weights that can be used for strength training. While buying a whole set can get expensive (not to mention taking up a lot of room), you can now purchase compact dumbbell systems that range from a few pounds to 45 or even 90 pounds, all on the same bar. You just select the weight you want. Bowflex Select Tech and Power Blocks are examples. You may also want to get a folding bench to give variety to your workout.

When I met Mike 2 years ago, I was at a training conference and doing some networking with other trainers. Mike and I started talking and eventually his book was mentioned "The Truth about six pack abs". I really had to bite my tongue. I immediately started thinking to myself what a bunch of crap it must be. I am usually not a negative person, but in this instance I was extremely.

It's natural to think by not eating, you will lose weight but that is a horrible myth people follow. When you skip meals, your body issues starts to try and manage your appetite. It also causes your "hunger" to kick in, which as we all know causes your willpower to waver. Also, you have to eat to lose weight. Yes, I said it, but you have to eat smart. The right blend of carbs, fats, and protein. Spread smaller snacks/meals throughout the day, every 2-3 hours. Keep the portions small, but it will curb your hunger and fuel your body in the process.

Once you've got a decent eating plan in place, you need to work in some cardio exercise. You should be doing a cardiovascular activity 20 minutes every day to get your heart rate up. This should be done three days a week. Most people report that these exercises are best done when the stomach is empty, like first thing upon waking up.

Calories to Build muscle mass: 18-19 calories for every pound/0.45kg of total body weight, e.g. a 155lbs/70kg person needs about 2900 calories per day.

Bicycle Maneuver: Lie on the floor or on mat with your lower back on the ground. Now lift your feet up at an angle of 45 degrees and start bicycle pedaling. Touch your right elbow with your left knee and left elbow with right knee respectively. Good way to start your journey towards 6 pack abs.

Rest is just as important as your gym training. Your muscles recuperate and grow during your rest period. Working long hours in the gym will over stress your muscles. Without giving them sufficient time to recover, they simply will not growth as desired.

And finally foods like rolled oats, whole wheat, brocoli, squash, green leafy vegies (spinach) yams, beans and whole fruits are healthy carbs. Stay away from white flour in anything, sugar, soda, cakes and cookies.

The do all the right exercises. They eat all the right foods. They never skip a workout. And yet, they find that they can just not get that gorgeous 6 pack that they dream of.

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