The Ultimate, Turnkey Internet Business; Fact Or imagination?

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asked Jan 24, 2017 by GalenRedding (200 points)
This eBook comes with one bonus: Online Marketing That Works by Bob Bly. Mostly it's about email marketing and list building, which is still very important for your business success. A good bonus.

Test you buttons. Experiment with graphical elements and with button copy. Make sure the copy is compelling. "Submit" is not compelling. Try "Buy it Now" or "Download White Paper". Just as with link text, button copy should tell the user exactly what happens when they click it.

Linking to pages within your website also allows you to optimize the pages with the links. The anchor text should relate to the contents of the landing page. This will help in ranking your website for various terms within your niche.

landing page template Do you have boxes or radial buttons that they need to check off in the ordering process? Yes, then go ahead and fill-in the checkmark in for them. Let them uncheck it if they do not want conversion increase the choice you are gave them. Again, making it easier to buy from you and reduce the chance of them leaving before completing the transaction.

Don't get me wrong you can market anything but I tend to market things that I have at least a bit of passion in. After picking the two products I would take their sales page url's and put them into a free Google keyword tool. Google would then analyze them for me and return all the keywords that are relevant to them.

Why should the prospect opt in and sign up for your offer? What reason(s) are you giving him or her to want to exchange their email with you? Why should the individual trust you? Answers these questions while crafting your lead capture pages, emails and correspondence, because they will make the difference between a successful campaign and mediocre one.

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